Foreign Citizens ($)

If you wish to donate for a specific cause (Example: Education for socio-economic backward girls), please use the list below. If you are not sure of a specific cause, the other option is to distribute your donation across all activities. If still undecided, you can simply make a general donation (General donation for Math Activities). Click here to visit the activities page.

Important Note:
1. Enter the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) only (Use Currency Converter)
2. This donation form is only for foreign citizens residing either in India (or) Foreign Country. Non-Resident Indians should use the below link instead
3. A minimum amount of ₹ 500  is required for online donation.
4. All amount are in Indian Rupees and it will be billed on your card as Razorpay
5. Passport Number is mandatory.
6. For Donations to Vedanta Kesari, Ramakrishna Vijayam and RKM Thanjavur, please use the below link

Indian citizens must not donate using this form 
As per the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010, of India, accepting donations from an Indian citizen in the FC account will be a major violation of FCRA 2010. It will create a problem for us from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.