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Foreign Citizens & Organizations Only

Instructions for
Online Donations from Foreign Citizens & Organizations

1. Enter the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) only (use Currency Conversion)
2. This donation form is only for Foreign citizens (USA/EU/UK/Canadian/Australian/South American/Middle East/Singapore/Malaysian – except Indian citizens)
3. Indian citizens including Non-resident Indians (Indian Citizens residing in Foreign countries) should not use this form for donation
4. Foreign organizations can also donate using this form, they need to enter the organization name in the first name and last name
4. A minimum amount of ₹500 for is required for online donation
5. A maximum amount of ₹10 Lakhs can be donated in a single transaction
6. Foreign citizens can use a credit card with foreign billing address but need to mention the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) in donation form. In case your transaction gets blocked, please call your card issuing bank and mention that you are making a foreign transaction before retrying.
7. Foreign citizens need to enter either their Passport Number (or) Tax Identification Number of their country of citizenship in the below form
8. Foreign tax exemption will not be available made using this donation form
9. To know about our service activities, please Click here to visit the activities page.

Donate for Multiple Service Activities

(Foreign Citizens & Organizations Only)

This below donation form needs to be used to donate for multiple causes simultaneously.
Click the “Donate (Foreign Citizens)” button below to make a donation.

Donate for an Individual Service Activity

(Foreign Citizens & Organizations Only)

This below donation form needs to be used only if you plan to donate for a single cause.
If you are not so sure of a specific cause, you can simply make a general donation (General donation for Math Activities). 
Click the “Donate (Foreign Citizens)” button below to make a donation.

General donation for Math Activities
(Sri Ramakrishna Nitya Puja, Sadhu Seva & Anna Dhanam)
Subsidized and Free Education for Socio-Economic Backward Girl Students ( &
Health care for Poor and Leprosy afflicted people (
Women Welfare, Medical Help, Annadhanam & Poor Girls Education in Rural Areas (

Nursing Assistant Training for Rural girls

Promoting Cultural Values in Vivekananda House (
Vedanta Kesari Magazine
Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam Magazine
General donation for Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur