Indian Citizens (₹)

If you wish to donate for a specific cause (Example: Education for socio-economic backward girls), please use the list below. If you are not sure of a specific cause, the other option is to distribute your donation across all activities. If still undecided, you can simply make a general donation (General donation for Math Activities). Click here to visit the activities page.

All contributions are eligible for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Important Note:

1. Enter the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) only.
2. This donation form is for all Indian Citizens residing either in India (or) a Foreign country. Non-resident Indians (Indian Citizens residing in Foreign countries) using a credit card with foreign billing address can also donate but need to mention the amount in Indian Rupees (₹).
3. A minimum amount of ₹500 for is required for online donation.
4. A maximum amount of ₹2 Lakhs can be donated in a single transaction/order.
5. PAN Number is mandatory.

6. For Donations to Vedanta Kesari & Ramakrishna Vijayam and also for Guru Pranami (Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj),  please use the below link

Note: Guru Pranami will not be eligible for 80G Donations