Indian Citizens Only

When do I use Quick Donate?


If you are an Indian Citizen residing in India/Foreign Country (Any Credit / Debit Card / Net Banking with Indian billing address (or) Credit Card with Foreign billing address is OK)


If you plan to donate for only one particular cause (you would not be able to distribute your donations for multiple causes)


If you plan to donate a minimum amount of Rs. 500 for a particular cause (maximum donation amount can be upto Rs. 2 Lakhs)


If you plan to donate instantly (you have to re-enter your personal information such as name/address next time you donate)

General donation for Math Activities
(Sri Ramakrishna Nitya Puja, Sadhu Seva & Anna Dhanam)
Education for socio-economic backward girls
(Vivekananda Centenary School –
Education for socio-economic backward students
(National School –
Women Welfare, Medical Help, Annadhanam & Poor Girls Education in Rural Areas

Nursing Assistant Training for Rural girls

Rehabilitation of Leprosy afflicted Persons
Health care for poor patients
Promoting Cultural Values in Vivekananda House
Guru Pranami (Swami Gautamananda ji Maharaj) –
80G Not Applicable
Vedanta Kesari Magazine
Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam
General donation for Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur